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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Endurance Bioenergy Reactor (EBR) Turns Bio-Waste Into Bio-Fuel, Right On The Spot!

Crazy Engineers
Kaustubh Katdare Aug 21st, 2012

Research engineers at the United States Argonne National Laborator (ANL) have developed a mobile Endurance Bioenergy Reactor (EBR) that can turn the waste from your kitchens or restrooms directly into biofuel. The fuel produced by this reaction needs no further processing and can be directly fed to your car. Interesting, right? The EBR produces approximately 94.6 to 189.2 liters of biofuel per day from waste streams. It uses photosynthetic bacterium, that convert the waste into long-chain alcohols. After separation from fermentation broth, these alcohols serve as surrogates for the diesel fuel. This fuel can be used alone or blended with other fuels to power generators. One EBR is capable of charging about 60 electric vehicles (EVs) with a range of about 50 miles each.

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