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Friday, June 3, 2011

Pellet Technology targets cellulosic ethanol producers

Ethanol Producer Magazine
By Kris Bevill June 02, 2011

Nebraska-based Pellet Technology LLC is teaming up with CPM to offer second-generation biofuels producers a solution to the logistical issues surrounding the use of bulky biomass as feedstocks. Pellet Technology, which became commercially active just a few months ago, has developed a patented technology to produce pellets from corn stover and other energy crops. The pellets can be used to co-fire industrial boilers, but they can also be used as a feedstock for cellulosic ethanol production, according to Russ Zeeck, chief operating officer of Pellet Technology. This application has been tested commercially and will be used in several U.S. DOE-funded projects, including the EdeniQ Inc. pilot plant in California, he said. It’s also ready for use at commercial pellet mills, and the company is in talks with several liquid biofuels groups to construct mills in rural locations to service biofuels facilities, he said.

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