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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chain, chain, chain – chain of fuels: Birth of a global supply chain for biomass

Biofuels Digest
Jim Lane June 27, 2011

Mendel CEO Neal Gutterson talks about miscanthus, and the role of the power sector as the driver of a global supply chain for biomass.

Some background on Mendel Biotechnology

Last year, we described them in the Digest as one of the “16 overlooked gems in the 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy voting” for 2010-11. We wrote, “Mendel made the AlwaysOn 100, a list which covers all of cleantech and featured just 14 bioenergy companies – and the company has been highly praised in the invited selectors – but with readers, no traction. Forgetting to file for the Hot 50 this year was a PR flub, but the company does deserve a long look in any case.”

The company’s IP lies in its understanding of a large class of genes called transcription factors – that control complex valuable traits such as freezing tolerance, drought tolerance, intrinsic growth rate, photosynthetic output, plant form, disease resistance, water use efficiency, and nitrogen use efficiency. Mendel works with several partners to create plants with improved yield and yield stability.

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