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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

AIJU Develops New Plastic Compound Using Biomass for Industrial Purposes

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AIJU has developed a new plastic compound made with natural dry biomass, specifically the almond shell, for industrial purposes.

This new material provides other eco-efficient alternatives which reduce the plastic content, derived from non-renewable sources, and at the time give value to this natural waste which is produced in great quantities in Mediterranean countries, and whose only other use is for incineration purposes.

A complete characterization of this material has been done in the study with distinct quantities of almond shell powder, determining the influence of this content on the physical, mechanical, thermal and rheological properties of these formulations.

“The almond shell is a natural waste which is valid for reinforcing common plastic materials. A material with a wood-like appearance is obtained and in general the material has better properties than the non-reinforced plastic material,” explains Suny Martínez responsible for the Material Area at AIJU. “The tensile, bending, hardness, density and temperature resistances increase in reference to polyethylene without the additive. The viscosity at non-elevated temperatures increases as well.”

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