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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

EPA delays E15 decision to December

Ethanol Producer Magazine
December 2010
By Kris Bevill
Posted Nov. 23, 2010

The U.S. EPA will wait until the U.S. DOE has completed testing of E15 on vehicle models 2001-’06 before it issues a final ruling on the use of E15 in those vehicles. In October, the agency announced it will allow the use of E15 in vehicle models 2007 and newer. At that time, it was anticipated that the agency would issue a decision on older vehicles by the end of November. However, the need for extended testing at the DOE has delayed the EPA’s schedule.

The DOE is extending testing to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the test data used by EPA to make its waiver decision. Some of the vehicles used in the initial tests experienced mechanical failures unrelated to fuel. These problems likely occurred as a result of the age and high number of miles already driven by the vehicles. Additionally, one of the vehicles failed the emissions test when fueled with E15, which was likely due to a spark plug issue unrelated to E15. Non-fuel mechanical breakdowns have caused some delays in the additional testing, according to a DOE official, but both agencies are committed to conducting thorough testing. DOE and EPA officials have confirmed that the additional testing will be complete by the end of December.

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