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Friday, November 19, 2010

Chinese plantations purchased for jatropha

Biodiesel Magazine
November 2010
By Luke Geiver
Posted Nov. 17, 2010

Another jatropha plantation development is in the works. This time, AMG Bioenergy Resources, a startup company focused on renewable energy, has signed a letter of intent with China Zhejiang Biodiesel Co., to acquire a eucalyptus and jatropha plantation in southern China. Both existing plantations reside in the same area and will eventually be turned from a 145 hectare eucalyptus and 330 hectare jatrohpa set of plantations to one large plantation around 400 hectares. The company “is working on developing the plantation over the next two years,” said Lee Shoong Lim of AMG’s Singapore location. As for securing any feedstock agreements at this point, Lim said it is not an issue due to global demand for nonpalm oil-based biodiesel.

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