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Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Nebraska Corn Board Publication to Highlight Long-Term Storage Options for Wet Distillers Grains
Date Posted: Jun. 27, 2008

Lincoln, NE—Wet distillers grains and other corn co-products are a tremendous feed option for cattle producers, but storing the nutritious co-products for a long period of time has proved to be a challenge because they can begin to spoil within a few days or a couple of weeks.

“That doesn’t mean wet distillers grains and similar co-products can’t be stored. It just means care needs to be taken to make sure feed quality is maintained,” said Kelly Brunkhorst, ag program manager for the Nebraska Corn Board.

That’s why the Nebraska Corn Board partnered with the University of Nebraska to develop the new Storage of Wet Corn Co-Products publication.

“This 20-page publication will help producers take advantage of wet distillers grains by showing them a variety of cost-effective storage options,” Brunkhorst said.

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