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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Auto Industry Redesigns Engines While Ethanol Debate Rages


E85 engines are on their way, but some still question the value of ethanol
Charles J. Murray, Senior Technical Editor -- Design News, July 17, 2008

In essence, it’s grain alcohol. Moonshine. Hooch.

But this hooch is about to change the way we power our vehicles. Ethanol, as it’s better known, has emerged as a key part of the national energy debate.

It’s seen as a solution to a variety of ills, ranging from high gas prices to global warming to an unquenchable thirst for foreign oil. As such, farmers, politicians and auto executives are calling for accelerated production of it.

“We believe that sustainable biofuels are the right way to go,” says General Motors Spokesman Alan Adler. “That’s why we’ve committed to making half of our U.S. production E85-capable by 2012.”

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